Curriculum vitae

Leopoldo L. Martín Rodríguez – Researcher in experimental optics and photonics.

Degree in physics in 2009 from La Laguna University (Spain) and PhD in 2013 from the same university. The thesis entitled: “Optical microresonators made out of rare earth doped glasses for optical applications” obtained the “Extraordinary PhD award” from La Laguna. Visiting PhD student at Universitat de Barcelona (2011) and University of Michigan (2012 and 2013). Teaching experience at la Laguna in undergrad school (2012 and 2013).

Since 2013 he has held a position as Postdoctoral Fellow at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Prof. Tal Carmon´s Optomechanics Lab. Conducting research in solid state and liquid optical micro resonators.

Language skills: Spanish (mother tongue), English (fluent) and Italian (basic).

Experimental skills:

  • Optical coupling to micro resonators (prism, taper fiber, free-space).
  • Optical trapping in air and liquid media.
  • Optical spectroscopy continuous and time resolved.
  • Confocal microscopy and high spatial/spectral resolution spectroscopy.
  • Construction/automatization of electronic devices with Arduino/Labview.
  • Use/alignment of continuous wave or pulsed (ns and fs) lasers.
  • Lasing in optical microcavities.
  • Production of glasses and optical microcavities (solid and liquid).
  • Optical and optomechanical characterization of optical microcavities by evanescent wave coupling.
  • Design and assembling of complex optical systems (spectrograph, microscopes, telescopes…).

Computer skills:

  • Matlab              – Data analysis.
  • Mathematica    – Data analysis, numerical and symbolical calculus.
  • Comsol              – Simulations of optical and mechanical microcavities.
  • Labview            – Control of lab devices.
  • Oslo                   – Optical design.
  • Arduino            -Open source micro controllers.

An updated publications list and citations can be found in Google Scholar.

Personal information:Email:
Phone: +972 584 100 884 / +34 937 370 576
Spanish citizenship;       DOB: Jul/16/83

Full Curriculum Vitae

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